About Me

Hello, Everyone! I am Mansi based out in Delhi. I am Digital marketer by day and blogger by night. I am 28, married, staying with my husband. You most likely find me reading romantic novels, shopping, working out or spending time with my husband. I am yet to figure out how to balance work, home, staying healthy, saving money and looking fit. As of right now, I am living my life as a blogger, social media marketer, writer and in the process of having my own business.

About Me

Why This Blog

Because I am a confused soul and in the process of figuring out what I really want to accomplish in my life. I have a great family and my husband is the best thing that happens to me. But I am still seeking peace. I want to live my life to fullest without being worried about getting fat, looking ugly and most importantly going back to the most boring place in the world, OFFICE.

So this blog is all about keeping up with the daily struggles of eating what we love and still staying fit. This blog is also about not feeling guilty after having your favorite doughnut and it also about looking beautiful without using heavy makeup and also about choosing the right outfit according to your personality and about cooking the healthy meal within budget. The blog is basically about everything from fitness to beauty to makeup to food.

I am not a fitness trainer nor beautician. I am just an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world.

Hope you will enjoy your time here!