Top 6 Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit During Pregnancy

Congratulations my dear moms to be. Now that you are pregnant it’s time to celebrate. Well this time is special and so you need to take care of your health more than ever. But being pregnant does not mean you should be eating for two instead you just need to eat health. If you don’t want to gain too much of weight during your pregnancy these tips are for you:

Avoid junk food & sugar : You are pregnant does not mean you can eat anything you want. You may have craving and it is is ok to give up on it once in a while. Try to eat healthy food like salad, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. This way you will be eating healthy and not gaining extra unwanted calories.

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Drink lot of water : This is a no brainer. At the time of pregnancy, it becomes more important to drink lots of water. You can also have coconut water. It is very healthy as it full of minerals. Drinking lot of water also helps in alleviating morning sickness. Water also prevent other problems such as constipation and urine infection.

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Keep Moving : I know it is sometime hard to exercise when you have nausea and morning sickness all day. But when you exercise you will actually feel good. Do light walk of 30 minutes daily. You can also join prenatal yoga classes if you like yoga. Also don’t keep on sitting for too long. Keep moving.

Listen to your body : If you are not feeling well or tired just take rest. Your body will keep telling you what to do. Don’t push yourself too much.

Take enough rest : Your body is working hard on making a baby so you need rest. Make sure you get atleast 8 hours of sleep.

Eat more protein : Add more protein and veggies in your diet. Go for healthy fat instead of choosing unhealthy fat options. Include almonds, eggs and saturated fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

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