Top 5 anti-ageing face masks to make your skin looks younger

Everyone seems to be obsessed with beauty products be it for glowing skin, anti-ageing or fairness cream. Once we hit 30 we start getting worried about skin and that is not bad but we should not blindly spend money on whatever anti-ageing products market has to offer. Instead of wasting money on these expensive products, why not try making the super easy face masks using all the natural ingredients from your kitchen.

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The best part is these face masks are 100% safe and contains no chemical. These face masks not only make your skin look younger but glowing as well.

Avocado Face Masks:

Avocado is great for skin as it is rich in antioxidants that help in preventing the effects of ageing. To make the avocado mask you will need half avocado and 1tsp oats. All you have to do is smash the avocado and mix 1 tsp of oats in it. Apply the mixture on your face for about 15 minutes and then wash it with normal water. For best results, apply this mask twice a week.

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Turmeric Face Masks:

We all are very well aware of the skin benefits of turmeric. Turmeric with rose water works wonders for your skin as it reduces skin pigmentation and makes your skin glowing. To make the mask, take 1tsp turmeric powder and mix it with 3tsp of rose water. Make a thick paste. Apply the mask for about 15 minutes on your face and wash it off. You can apply this mask every alternate day.

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Cucumber Face Masks:

Cucumber is a wonder vegetable. It has so many amazing benefits for our health, body and skin. It is loaded with vitamin C and has powerful anti-ageing properties. To make the mask, take half a cucumber, grind it and add 1tsp of lemon juice in it. Apply the mask for 15 minutes.

Aloe Vera Face Masks:

Aloe vera is a natural anti-ageing remedy. This mask is very effective and super easy to make. Add 2 tsp of extract in a bowl and mix it with few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mask for 10 minutes and rinse off with normal water. You can apply this mask on daily basis.

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Orange Peel Face Masks:

Orange is a rich source of vitamin E and hence known for its anti-ageing properties. To make the mask you will need 1tsp orange peel powder, 1tsp sandalwood powder and 1tsp of rose water. Mix all of them well to form a paste. Apply this mixture for 20 minutes. For best results, apply the orange peel mask twice a week.

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