Top 10 Beauty DIY Tricks That Will Make You Look Stunning

Every woman is beautiful in her own way but there is nothing wrong in enhancing that beauty. Today I am going to share some DIY beauty tricks that will not only make you look beautiful but save your time and money. If you don’t have much time for getting your makeup done before going to office then these tricks are for you.

Keep your face clean and fresh using green tea : Pour some green tea in to spray bottle and apply on your face to keep your skin oily free and fresh all day long.

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DIY vodka toner : You might be thinking alcohol is bad for health then why I am suggesting this. Well, vodka is great for skin. Soak cotton ball in vodka and apply on your face. It helps in cleaning pores and keeps your skin oil free.

Make your lips shiny: Add few drops of peppermint oil in your lovely lip gloss and see how bright and shiny your lips will become.

Make your lipstick last longer : After applying lipstick keep the tissue paper on your lips to remove extra translucent powder.

DIY for sunburn : Do you get tanned because of staying so long in beach? No problem! You just need few wet tea bags to get rid of your tanned skin. So put those tea bags on your sun burned area. You can also add tea bags in your water while taking bath.

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Your own easy to use cleanser : Oily skin ? Ok we have got a very simple solution for you. Take skimmed milk, soak cotton ball and gently apply soaked ball on your face. It will soften the skin and remove all the dust. Milk also helps in removing your makeup. Want to know , how? Add few drops of almond oil in milk and apply on your face to gently remove the makeup.


Get longer eye lashes : No need to use eye lashes extension now. To make your lashes look longer just add little baby powder in between your mascara.

Get smooth and super soft feet : Apply Vaseline or peppermint moisturizer on your feet then put on your socks. Do this before hitting bed. Wake up with ultra-soft feet.

Damn cute nail art : No need to do anything, just put this band aid on.

Get your manicure done at home : Make your DIY hand mask at home. You need a mixture of 2 tbsp, 3 tbsp of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and half cup of hot water. Keep your hands in hot water mixture for some time. For beautiful, soft hands do this twice a week.


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