This is what happens to your body when you stop going to Gym

So you are super excited that it is your first day at gym. All your dreams of getting fit in your old skinny jeans are about to get fulfilled. Everything seems good till one month and then you stop going to gym, one day, two day, one week and more. No matter how dedicated you are for your daily fitness routine, you are going to skip workout may be for a week or for a month. The reason could be you are going on vacation, you think you are fit now so why go to gym or for whatever reason you are skipping workout, you will gain weight before you even know.

skipping workout

Skipping workout once in a while is fine but if you are doing this for a week or more you are putting your body again in unfit zone. So let’s find out what happens to your body when you have decided not to take your butts to gym.

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How long will it take for my body to fall out of shape?

It really depends on for long you are skipping workout and what type of workouts your body is missing. If it is one week then don’t take stress but more than week and your body starts to become lose or flabby.

According to fitness coach and author Pete Magill “You can lose up to 50 percent of your hard-earned fitness gains in a single week of inactivity.”

Journal of Applied Physiology says that skipping workout for 2 weeks can drastically effects your cardio fitness and lean muscle mass. How fast your body change will also depends on your fitness level and how long you had been working out says fitness experts.

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Loss of Muscles 

You will lose out all the muscles that you have built if you skip the gym for more than 2 weeks. Because your body is not facing the resistance now and your diet has changed. If you don’t take enough protein then you will start seeing loss in muscles.

skipping workout

You will have to workout double hard to get back to your original shape : You have been skipping gym from last 2 weeks, look like now you have to work double hard if you want your original body shape. Since your body is not burning any calories because you are on a break. Now you will have to workout extra hard. But if you have been keeping your protein intake high then you will not have to workout that hard.

Muscle size reduction

If you have been lifting weights and now stopped going to gym then you will start to see reduction in your muscle size. If you have gained your muscles by doing hard weight lifting training you will face greater muscle mass loss.

While break is good for your body so that you can recover well but think about all the consequences you might have to face when you take a long break. Keep you calories intake in limit and move your body daily to maintain your body shape.

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  1. Adrian Crisostomo says:

    This is really important for all that are working out. I went to the gym for almost every day for 2 months and suddenly stopped because i got too busy with work. I earned more weight in 3 weeks of inactivity than what I loss in 2 months. Its really hard.
    Adrian Crisostomo recently posted…Guidelines for an Effective Diet and Nutrition

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