Sukrit Ayurveda Mahabhringraj Oil Review

If you want healthy, strong, and shiny hair then massaging oil is the best way to go for it. Post-pregnancy I was suffering from hair loss problem and I searched alot for the solution. One of my friends suggested me Mahabhringraj oil to stop my hair fall. I have been using this oil from quite some time and quite happy with the result. So I am sharing my review about this oil:

About Sukrit Mahabhringraj Oil

Sukrit Mahabhringraj Oil is a unique formulation for prematuregreying, dandruff, and hair loss. This oil contains vital nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamin d that help promote hair growth.

Benefits of Mahabhringraj Oil

Promotes hair growth

Reduces dandruff

Nourish hair

Reduces premature greying of hair

Promotes sound sleep



Controls hair fall

Pleasant fragrance

Travel friendly packaging


Reduces premature greying of hair

Fights dandruff

Soothes the scalp

Paraffin free

Prevents breakage


Little sticky

How to use

Gently massage your scalp with the tips of the finger and let the oil sunk for atleast an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo after an hour.

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