Lazy Girl Hacks: How to Get Super Soft Skin in Just 1 Minute

I wanted my skin to be super soft and smooth just like you see on those ads where model skin is so soft that if you touch her your hand will slip. But me being a lazy girl can not put so much effort in exfoliating, moisturizing and other tiring and time-consuming process. I thought there has to be an easy way and I did find out what it takes to get soft hands without putting any effort.

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So are you ready? Ok, all we have to do is use oil, any oil (you name it coconut oil, olive oil or Johnson baby oil) while you bathe. Yes, it is that simple. But the trick here is to apply oil on your wet skin. We mostly apply oil on dry skin and it gets soaked up all the moisture. If we apply oil on wet skin it will lock up all the moisture and make your skin soft and smooth.

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After you have washed just apply few drops of oil on your wet skin and then pat dry yourself with a clean towel. If you are super lazy then just add few drops of oil in the water and then soak yourself in that for 5 minutes.

super soft skin in 1 minute

Let me know in comments how your skin feels after using these super simple trick.


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