How Do I Stay Fit While Having A Desk Job

I hate sitting 9 hours in front of the computer but do I have the option? Nope! Most importantly when you sit for hours at one place without moving your butt, you are bound to gain weight, I am not a fitness trainer but I know the small movements of the body and a healthy diet can make a lot of difference. So today I will tell you what all I do to make sure I don’t gain weight and how you can do the same.

Always use stairs: Elevator is your biggest enemy unless you have some knee problem. In metro or office, I always take stairs. You burn 0.17 calories every time you climb a stair. Isn’t it awesome? So start taking stairs instead of lift or elevator. You can stay fit by using stairs instead of lift or elevator.

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stay fit using stairs

I don’t sit at my desk more than 30 minutes: Yup that’s true. I walk away from my desk and move around in the lobby, cafeteria, and any other location. If you can’t afford that much movement in your office then just go to the loo or stretch your body while sitting on your desk. Sitting for longer hours contribute to many health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, weight gain etc. So make it a habit to not to seat for more than 1 hour at one place to stay fit.

I never skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast is a big no if you want to stay fit. Always have something before you leave for office. A study has proved that skipping breakfast decrease our metabolism and make us more tempted for fatty food later during lunch time.

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don't skip breakfast to stay fit

I go for a walk after lunch: After having my lunch I go to a nearby park for a walk of 15 minutes. It helps in digestion and lower blood sugar level. So don’t keep on sitting after having lunch as it leads to weight gain.

stay fit while having seating job

I exercise: I workout every morning at home for 30 minutes. I mostly do high-intensity cardio for 10 minutes and few abs workout. Doing workout on a daily basis not only help in losing weight but it also keeps your skin glowing. So move your lazy butt and do any kind of workout that you enjoy.

I eat healthy: I actually try to eat healthy since I am married and working, it get difficult sometime to cook food at home daily. But I try my best to eat home cooked food only. In breakfast, I eat one bowl of oats and tea and in lunch, I eat two chapatis, curd and daal or vegetable. I also bring nuts and fruits with me. I try to eat every 2 meals because eating large portion at one time is not at all healthy. If you want to stay fit switch to healthy food.

stay fit and eat healthy

I avoid junk food or cake in office parties: I avoid eating cake, junk food, cold drink or anything for that matter in office parties. Sometimes I do take a bit or two but not more than that. I am not saying that you should stop eating all these but just don’t overdo. Eat a small bite instead of grabbing a full piece.


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