How I had lost weight by making simple changes in my daily routine? (and you can too)

Losing weight is a constant battle for some of us and so many of us are struggling to lose those extra pounds. Let me tell you clearly that getting rid of those extra pounds is not easy and it won’t happen overnight but the good news is you can definitely lose it if you are serious enough. Don’t do it because of family or peer pressure, do it for you. Obesity leads to many health issues so it is very important to lose weight. When I was fat, I could not run so my friends used to laugh at me and it really hurts. So I decided to lose weight so that I can show them that I can run faster than all of you. And today I daily run in the morning, it becomes a habit now. So now I am going to tell you how I had lost weight by just making small changes in my lifestyle.

Healthy eating:

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I used to eat junk food but when I decided to lose weight I gave up on junk food. I started eating more fruits and vegetables. My breakfast consisted of oats, milk or fruits. You should never skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and skipping it means, you will end up eating more, later at day. For breakfast, you can eat fruits, yoghurt, oatmeal, eggs and other healthy snacks. You don’t have to do dieting, just switch to healthy mode. I avoided sugar completely because it is the biggest enemy when it comes to weight loss. If you have the strong craving for sugar then you can satisfy it by drinking fruit juices. My main goal was to eat every 2 hours(fruits, nuts). Yes, you should never overeat, instead eat small meals with some time gap.

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Drink more water:

Drinking water won’t help in reducing your fat but if you drink water before your meal you will end up eating less. Sometimes we do emotional eating, means we end up eating unhealthy food when we are in bad mood or upset, which is wrong. If you ever feel like doing this grab an apple or drink water. And now the magic trick, drink lemon juice the first thing in the morning to lose weight.

Avoid drinking caffeine empty stomach:

I know you are the coffee addict and can’t open your eyes without drinking your mug of coffee but it is bad for your health. And it won’t help if you are trying to lose weight. You can drink your favourite coffee (low sugar) after your breakfast.

Use stairs instead of the elevator:

Try to use stairs at the office, metro whenever you can. It is a great workout. I always use stairs no matter how tired I am. Trust me it helps.

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Walk more:

Try walking at least 5000 steps a day. If you are too busy to take time out for walking then get down at one station before your home and walk. Try to do as much walking as you can.

Don’t sit continuously for more than 2 hours: Even if you have a sitting job, avoid eating for too long. If you are in office, take short breaks after every 2 hours, go to the washroom or outside. You can also do some stretching exercise while sitting at your desk.

Do household chores yourself:

You can burn calories by doing regular household chores like cleaning, booming etc. This way your body will remain active and you will stay fit.

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Don’t sit after lunch or dinner:

Take a small walk after eating your meal. It will help in the digestion of food. And it also helps in staying fit.

Say no to the cold drink and so-called low calories food:

The cold drink is bad for health and contains so many calories, so avoid it completely. There are some diet-friendly beverages that you can drink. These are healthy and help with weight loss. And yes any food labelled with low calories is not good for health. These types of foods contain artificial sweeteners that contribute to weight gain. Moreover, it won’t nourish your body. So it is simply any food that does not nourish your body is not good for your health. So avoid it.



Exercise is very important for every person. Even if you are not fat, you still should do some workout. I have been running for 5 years daily. It helped me with weight loss and now it becomes my routine. Do any workout that you feel comfortable in like walk, jogging, skip etc. You don’t need to join the gym for that. There are some workouts that you can do at home also. If you have been struggling to lose belly fat then High intensity will work best for you.

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These simple changes will definitely help you in losing weight and getting fit. Good luck.

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  1. Great work madam. Really inspiring. I myself, transformed myself years ago from a fat to fit guy.

    Keep inspiring and all the best.

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  3. Justin Seals says:

    Really good tips. Getting more active by using stairs instead of the elevator is a really good tip for anyone who needs to get more active.

    Being dehydrated can really slow down weight loss. The only thing from personal experience I can say is eating times don’t really matter.

    I tend to snack at night if im hungry so I don’t eat breakfast so I can have a big lunch and dinner. Keeps me full for the night and as long as you burn more calories then you take in it doesn’t really matter when you eat.

    Great post keep up the good work!
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  4. Exercise acts as a temporary diversion to daily stresses and it improves self-esteem. Increased core temperature during exercise may lead to reduced muscle tension and favourable alterations in brain neurotransmitters.

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