How Do I stay Fit in Winter and You Can too

Winter is just around the corner and it’s getting difficult day by day waking up from your cozy blanket early morning. Nobody want’s to get up early in the chilling winter and go for a workout. Winter make it really hard to get up in the morning, leave alone going for a workout. But you gotta move your ass to stay in shape. No need to go to gym or outside. You can do exercise at your home only and can stay fit. I woke up at 6 am and the first thing I do daily is to drink lukewarm water mix with lemon and honey then I workout for 35-40 minutes depending upon the intensity.

You know what after the workout I feel really good and stay active the whole day. It boosts my mood too. So in this article, I am going to tell you what all I do throughout the day to stay in shape. I may make a video of what all exercise’s I do in the morning but for now, i will share the pics of different workouts. One more thing I do all the exercise at home only so no need to go out in chilling weather. Here we go:

Jumping Jacks: I do 4 sets of jumping jacks and each set contains 30 jumps. This exercise is great for your legs and arms. It also improves your stamina and metabolism. It’s a great cardio workout to keep you fit and healthy.

Skipping: I do 5 sets of skipping and each set contains 40 jumps. You don’t need a rope to do skipping, you can just pretend that you are holding the rope and start jumping. Skipping burns calories very fast. You can burn 10-16 calories in just a minute.

stay fit in winter

High Knee Jump: For this workout keep your knees as high as possible while running. So basically you have to run by standing at one place and lift your knees as high as you can. I do this for 3-4 minutes. This workout burn calorie very fast.

Side Bend: If you have dumbbell then you can use them for this workout. Since I don’t have dumbbells I do it without them. So what you have to do is open your legs wide and bend, first right and then left as low as you can. This workout helping in burning side fat. I do 2 sets and each set contains 30 bends.

Basic Crunch: It helps in strengthening your core muscles. You feel the fat burning right there in the lower abdomen. So I do just 50 crunches because I am not a pro yet.

basic crunch

Long Arm Crunches: This is a core abs workout. All abdominal muscles are involved in this workout, for a beginner start with 20 reps and increase the no of sets gradually.

Dance workout: I am a huge fan of Keaira and so I dance with her on below video. It’s a high-intensity workout to lose belly fat. You don’t have to workout on the whole video if you are a beginner, just start with simple steps and gradually increase the pace.

Keep Moving: As you, all know that I have a desk job but I try my best to stay active all day so that I don’t gain weight. Here is how you can stay fit in your sitting job.

I keep changing my workout routine so that I don’t get bored and so will keep sharing my new workouts with you. That’s all for today. Please share in comments how you are keeping yourself fit.


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