How do I keep my Skin Young the Natural Way

I am turning 29 and it’s important that I keep my skin glowing and healthy. Even if you are not aging you still need to take care of your skin. I am blessed with oil free skin but still I make sure that my skin looks young and healthy. Keeping skin healthy is not a rocket science you just need to do few things in your daily routine. So let’s get started.

I Wash my face twice a day with face wash: Make sure you wash your face once in the morning and second at night before you go to sleep. You can use any face wash according to skin your tone. Washing face removes all the dust & oil and keeps your skin fresh.

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keep skin young

I avoid drinking too much caffeine: If you have a habit of sipping coffee or tea all day long then you might end up with a dull skin. Drinking too much caffeine also cause anxiety and nervousness. Switch to green tea as it keeps skin glowing and clean. I just drink tea once in the morning that too without any sugar.

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keep skin young - no coffee

I eat clean: Not always. I try my best to eat healthy food but I do fail sometimes due to lack of time to cook a healthy meal. But my office lunch is full of nutrients. There are some foods that are particularly good for skin which includes, almonds, sweet potato, tomato, spinach, watermelon, carrot and apple. So try to include them in your diet.

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healthy food- keep skin young

I Workout: I make sure to workout 4-5 times a week for atleast half an hour. Regular exercise increases your blood flow, hence keep your skin healthy. Exercise not only helps in keeping you in shape but remove dead skin cells also which ultimately leads to glowing skin.

workout to keep skin young

I drink a lot of water: The very first thing I do the minute i open my eyes is to drink 1 glass warm water mixed with honey and lemon. It not only helps in reducing weight but it’s also wonderful for your skin. It also helps in acne control and detoxes your whole body. Also, make a habit of drinking 7-8 glass of water daily.

drink water to keep skin young

I use natural home remedies for my skin: I rarely use any unnatural product on my skin. Natural remedies are best for taking care of your skin. I use rose water every alternate day to wipe my face. Just dip a cotton ball in rose water and clean your face well. You can also add glycerine is rose water for better effect. Rose water moisture your skin and make your skin smooth and glossy.

face mask to keep skin young

I avoid eating too much sugar: You have a sweet tooth, I get it. But eating too much sugar cause sagging in your skin. I bet you wouldn’t want that. Instead of quitting sugar altogether, switch to healthier options like dark chocolate, dry fruits etc.

no sugar- keep skin young

I don’t put on heavy makeup: In fact, I rarely using any makeup except my kajal, which is a must. Putting too much makeup closes skin pore and doesn’t allow it to breathe. Go makeup free on some days or try to use natural products.

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no makeup - keep skin young

I do not skip meals: No matter how busy I am, I never ever skip meals. I just can’t stay hungry. Skipping meal on regular basis make your skin look dull and dry. You will lose all the glow and your skin will age faster. So always carry a healthy meal with you. I always have my box full of nuts with me. You too can carry such healthy options like orange, apple, nuts etc.

keep skin young -healthy food

So that’s all for today. I would love to read how all you sexy ladies take care of your skin. Please share your thoughts in the comment.


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