How I got in shape in just 3 weeks?


I know you would be surprised to read the title “Just 3 weeks? How Jesus? Well, that’s true. I got in shape in just 3 weeks. But let me tell you I worked really hard for that and I have seen myself losing weight in inches. The clothes that were too tight to fit my body are easily fitting now.Well, I still have miles to go but I definitely feel better now. I was working out before also but it’s like I was not losing any fat so I decided to change my workout. I tried a different kind of workouts and they seem really hard at first but after that my body got used to it. I was doing these workouts for 25-30 minutes daily. So here we go:

get fit workout

Planks: Holding your stomach in for good 30 seconds was really a task for me but then I started doing it for 1 minute and it really helped me losing belly fat. I do it daily for 1-2 minutes in between climbing mountains workout.

Mountain Climbs: This is a great workout for your abs as it completely engages your core. It’s a perfect cardio workout. I do it for good 2-3 minutes.

Burpees: Oh my god, this one is the toughest among all the workouts. I got really tired after doing burpees but it is actually a fun workout for your whole body.

Jumping jacks: My favourite of all workouts. I can do it for as long as I want without getting tired. It engages your whole body and it is great for losing belly fat.

Leg raise and reverse crunches : I give 10-15 minutes to abs workout. Leg raise and reverse crunch is the best workout for lower abs. I really enjoy doing abs workout as it made me feel stronger.

got fit

HIT: I do 10 minutes of high-intensity workout daily. Be it a Zumba dance workout, running, jumping or any other workout that makes my heart beat faster.

All these workouts with a healthy diet help me in reducing belly fat in just 3 weeks. If I can do this then why not you. I do not believe in diets, I just eat healthy home cooked food. If you want to know about my daily diet plan let me know in comments.


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