How I achieved that flawless and glowing skin you always wanted?

Hi, lovelies! Hope you all are doing great. Talk about skin, who does not want a glowing and radiant skin. We all love to have that perfect glowing skin but dirt, pollution, pimples all these problems make this a dream. Let me give you a good news that if you start taking caring of your skin then that day is not far when you don’t have to put a lot of makeup to make your skin look flawless and glowing.

glowing skin

I have started taking care of my skin and have seen the noticeable difference in my before and after skin. Although I am no expert and I too get very little time as I am stuck in 9 to 5 job. Here is my skin care routine:

Drink lots of water: I used to drink only 2-3 glass of water in a day and because of that, my skin looked so dull. But from last 2 months, I have increased my water intake and my skin has improved a lot. The first thing that I do in the morning is to drink a warm glass of water with honey and lemon in it. It helps detoxify your body.

drink water

Exercise: I make sure to workout for at least 30 minutes every morning to stay fit and for my skin as well. We all know exercise is great for health, heart, lungs but do you know it actually helps in the nourishment of skin as well. Try it and feel the glow.

workout for glowing skin
A healthy diet: Yes this is very important. As you must have heard that “You are what you eat.” Infact there are certain food items that are particularly good for our skin like tomato, dark chocolate, oats, green tea etc. I completely avoid junk food and eat lots of fruits and green veggies to keep my skin healthy and glowing.

healthy diet for glowing skin

Homemade face pack: Our skin goes through a lot of stuff like pollution, dirt, sun etc making our skin dry and lifeless. I get time on weekends only so that are the days to pamper my skin. I make facemasks at home using the ingredients that are available in my kitchen and apply on my face. This leaves my skin clean and fresh.

facemask for glowing skin
Remove makeup before sleeping: I usually put kajal so I make sure to remove it before hitting the bed. Let your skin breathe by removing all the makeup at night.

remove makeup
So this is my routine for skin care. I am doing anything special, these are the basic things that you can do to get a healthy and glowing skin. Let me know in comments if you want me to share homemade face masks that I use.


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