Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for the bride to be (1 day before the wedding)

You have got everything sorted from your dress to your makeup expert and all ready for your big day. In this excitement and nervousness, you should not forget about your basic beauty treatments.  Here I have put together a list of beauty do’s and don’ts for the bride to be.

Don’t get your bikini wax done a day before the wedding: You must be aware of how painful the whole process of bikini wax is if you are getting it done for the first time. So it is recommended to get it done by experts 3-4 days before your wedding day.

bikni wax

Don’t use conditioner a day before the wedding:  If you are thinking of washing your hair a night before the wedding then don’t because it might change your hair texture. And most importantly forget about applying conditioner because your hairstylist might not be able to give you a good hair style if you have applied the conditioner. Give you hair some time to settle down.

Do exfoliate your skin: You must be getting your facial done on a regular basis so that your skin look glowing and flawless on your wedding day but don’t forget to exfoliate your skin a day before the wedding. It will help in removing any dead skin cells and make your skin smooth.

exfoliate your skin beauty do's and don'ts

Do get a proper sleep: I know you are very excited for your wedding but you must take proper, sound sleep if you don’t want to look tired on your day. Sleep early and use satin pillow to avoid any damage to your hair. And don’t forget to apply a night cream before you hit the bed.

take proper sleep before wedding

Don’t eat too much of sodium: Avoid eating salty food if you don’t want to look bloated on your wedding day. Go for a healthy and light meal so that you can feel fresh and active the whole day long.

Do take care of your teeth: It’s a no-brainer that you want to smell heavenly on your big day. So make sure to brush your teeth after every meal before the big day and don’t forget to clean your tongue using a tongue cleaner to avoid bad breathing.

Don’t get your eyebrows done a day before: Don’t take the risk of experimenting with your eyebrows a day before your wedding.  Get it done a week before to avoid any redness or marks on your brows.

no eyebrows before wedding

Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol: If you don’t want to look tired and dull on your wedding day then please don’t indulge in these drinks. Drink coconut water or plain water to look fresh and glowing.

Do the preparation to protect your hair: Your hair will be exposed to heat and other hair products that might cause a problem later, post wedding. So make sure to take all the precautions before handed like using a heat protection spray to prevent any hair damage later on.

protect your hair before wedding beauty do's and don'ts

Do not stay hungry:  Most of the brides starve themselves the day before the wedding or on the wedding day in nervousness or to look slim. Do not make this mistake if you don’t want to feel tired or bloated on your big day. Eat something light like fruits or anything home cooked.



  1. Helpful tips 🙂 Along with brides, anyone who is going to attend a big event soon will find it useful.

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