9 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options to save time

Between job and family, I rarely got time to cook breakfast for me and my husband. So most of the time we used to go office by just having tea which was not at all good for health. But now I have found a way that I am going to share with you all. Most of us are so busy with job, kids, home that there is no time to cook healthy breakfast for the family. We should never skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. So today I will be sharing 9 healthy breakfast options that hardly takes 10 minutes in preparing. From now onwards you will have a stress free breakfast. I won’t be able to share the recipe of each option, as I am thinking of making a separate video for that so till then you can Google the recipe. So here are your go to healthy breakfast options to kick start your morning.

Idli : Idli is rich in all nutrients which are essential for our bodies like vitamin, iron and calcium. You can prepare this dish with very less oil or masala and can be served with chutney or peanut butter. Idli takes max 10 minutes in preparing. It keeps you full for long time as it is rich in fiber and carbohydrate as well.

Veg Sandwich : This is also a great option for quick breakfast. Use brown bread for sandwich and fill it with veggies, potato, tomato, cheese or anything you love. You can be a little more creative with your choice of veggies in the sandwich and can add mushroom, eggplant or cucumber in it to make it tastier.

veg sandwich Healthy Breakfast Options

Upma : Upma is one of my favorite dishes so naturally, this is my on top list when it comes to cooking healthy breakfast. It can be prepared using semolina and take 10 minutes in cooking. It becomes healthier when prepared using less oil and by adding veggies. Semolina is very low in fat and helps in boosting energy.

Poha : A very tasty and filling meal, Poha is rich in iron and prevent diseases like anemia. It is very light on tummy and easy to digest. Since poha is made up of beaten rice, it is a great source of energy. You can add lots of veggies to make it tastier and healthy meal. Poha is also a good source of fiber and by adding veggies you will get all the essential nutrients.

Oatmeal : A very healthy breakfast that keeps you full until lunch. Oatmeal has numerous health benefits like it helps in losing weight, lower blood sugar level and rich in all essential nutrients. If you are losing weight, then this meal also helps in controlling weight. A rich source of protein and fiber, oats can be eaten with milk, fruits and different flavors.

oats Healthy Breakfast Options

Daliya : A very light and super tasty meal for breakfast. Daliya is a good source of fiber and carbohydrate and can be cooked without any effort. You can add nuts to improve its taste.

Egg : With egg you can make omelette, egg bhurji and the best option is boiled egg. If you are making omelette, use very less oil. Egg is full of nutrients like vitamin, protein and potassium and hence is a very healthy breakfast option. It also helps in controlling hunger so that’s what make it a perfect meal to kick start your day. Eggs are perfect healthy breakfast option for your busy mornings.

boiled eggs Healthy Breakfast Options

Sabudana Khichdi : This one is my favorite and it tastes yummy. If you are looking to eat something light and fulfilling, then this khichdi is for you. Very low in fat and full of carbohydrates, khichdi will boost your energy.

Veggie parathas : Use the leftover veggie from last night and make a dough from that by mixing it in flour. Make healthy parathas from leftover veggie, a perfect breakfast for you.

These are my top on the go healthy breakfast options for saving time and for staying fit. I hope now you won’t go to your office empty stomach.


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