8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym

8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym

I joined the gym for 3 months and did not lose even an inch and it was pretty bad. Because going to the gym alone will never make you lose weight. Period. You need to have a proper diet plan with daily atleast 30 mins of workout to lose weight without going to gym in an effective manner. What I was doing wrong was that I was working out for good 1 hour in the gym but my diet did not change. In fact I was eating more than usual because after a workout I used to feel hungrier and this is the biggest mistake I was doing.

Although workout will definitely help in burning the fat and maintaining a good physique but it won’t change your waistline shrink much if you are not following a healthy diet plan. Today I am going to tell you how you can lose weight without going to gym and by following a healthy diet plan and doing easy workouts at home.

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Hit the bed early:

Seems like an easy way to lose weight, right? Not much. Tell me honestly, how many of you put your phone down and sleep early. I can’t do this. It’s a challenge for me. But from last 1 month, I have been trying to sleep by 10.30 and it is a good start. If you are awake till late you will feel craving for more unhealthy food which is not good for your health. So sleep early.

sleep early to lose weight without going to gym

Keep a water bottle with you all the time:

Do you know that most of the time we mistook our thirst for hunger? Like in the evening I mostly feel like I need to eat something good but in reality, I am thirsty. Because I don’t drink enough water in a day and feel like having something to fill up my stomach. So make sure you keep a bottle of water and drink enough of it in a day. It will help you in losing weight as you are not eating extra calories.

drink water to lose weight without going to gym

Switch to black coffee:

I am a coffee person and can’t start my day without it. And most of us don’t like our coffee plain, we love to add flavored syrups, milk, cream in it and with it we end up adding more calories in it and gain more weight. Switch to black coffee as it is not only calories free but also helps in losing weight. It is the most effective way to lose weight without going to gym.


coffee to lose weight without going to gym

Stuff your kitchen shelves with healthy food only:

I used to have chocolates, cookies and other junk food in my kitchen most of the time. So whenever I used to feel hungry I used to indulge in eating all these nonsense and end up gaining weight. But now I don’t shop for these things. My kitchen is full of healthy snacks. In fact even if I crave for junk food I end up eating almonds as this is the only option I have. It really helps in losing weight and keeps you healthy.

healthy food to lose weight

Don’t sit for long:

When in office take a small break of 5 minutes and walk around to cafeteria or go to the washroom. Also, try to get down early if travelling be metro till home. Go for a short walk after dinner. These small activities will keep you fit.

dont sit for too long to lose weight without going to gym

Ditch the elevator:

I have been talking stairs instead of an elevator from as long as I remember and it keeps me fit. If you are travelling be metro or in the office or anywhere when you are travelling, always take stairs.

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walk stairs to lose weight without going to gym

Six meals in a day:

It might sound strange to you because I am saying you to eat more. No. I am just eating smaller portions of the meal instead of stuffing your stomach all at once. It not only helps in losing weight but you will more energetic all throughout the day.

six meals to lose weight without going to gym

Prepare your own meals:

This is the best thing I do to myself and it really helps me in losing weight fast. If you prepare your own meal, you will know how much calories you are putting in your food. Going out means we are giving the right to decide our calories in the hands of restaurateurs.

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cook food to lose weight


My name is Mansi and I am a beauty & fitness blogger based out in Delhi. I am Digital Marketer by day & blogger by night. You most likely find me reading romantic novels, shopping, working out or spending time with my husband.


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  2. Thomson John says:

    Thanks for Sharing your nice and weight loss words. Above tips are really fabulous helpful for those who wants to lose pounds without going to Gym…Informative Stuff…..
    Thomson John

  3. […] Also read : 8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym […]

  4. […] Also read : 8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym […]

  5. Esther Diaz says:

    Everything here is definitely great tips! But the only thing I’m having the problem of not getting the proper sleep. Which I need to work on. I love to work out every morning but sometimes getting not enough sleep will end up oversleeping and was never able to get my morning run. Anyways, great post and thank you for sharing this.

  6. […] Also read : 8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym […]

  7. […] Also read : 8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym […]

  8. […] Also Read : 8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight without going to Gym […]

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