5 Homemade Remedies to Get Soft and Beautiful Hands

Hi, Lovelies! Today I am going to talk about how you can get soft, smooth and beautiful hands using homemade remedies.  I used to have rough, dry and dark hands due to daily chores like washing dishes, clothes etc. They looked so ugly that I used to feel ashamed while shaking hand in the office meeting or otherwise. Then I found a book on homemade remedies in which I learned how to get soft and beautiful hands using homemade remedies which I am going to share with you all.  My hands now look beautiful and smooth after rigorously using the remedies. So let’s get started.

Use raw milk: Raw milk is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of rough and dark hands. A rich source of lactic acid, raw milk helps in removing dead skin cell and lightens your skin. I massage my hands with raw milk almost daily. So all you have to do is take a bowl full of milk, dip a cotton ball in it and gently massage your hands with raw milk dipped cotton ball.  Wait for 15 minutes and let the milk get absorbed into your skin properly and then wash it off with normal water.

raw milk for soft and beautiful hands

Olive oil for smooth hands: Olive oil is best to pamper your hands after a long day at work. Take 1 tbsp of olive and mix it with 1tsp of sugar. Now apply this mixture on your palm and fingers. Gently massage your hands in the circular motion with this mixture to get soft,smooth and beautiful hands.

Lighten your hands with lemon: Our hands become dark and discoloured due to sun burn, daily chores and harsh chemicals. Lemon juice works wonder in lightening the dark skin of hands. I have been using this mixture of honey, lemon and baking soda and it works great for my skin. It is very easy to make this homemade scrub so take 2 tsp of lemon juice, 2tsp of honey and 2tsp baking soda. Mix all the ingredients well and give your hands a good massage with this scrub. I use this scrub twice a week to lighten my skin.

lemon to get soft and beautiful hands

Tomato: As you must have known that tomato works as a natural skin whitening agent. So whenever you get time just cut a small slice of tomato and apply it on your hands.

Turmeric Pack: Whiten your skin with turmeric homemade mask. Apply turmeric with few drops of olive oil on your hands. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash it off. This mask is great for getting beautiful hands.

So ladies, try these remedies and share in comments if it works for you.


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