13 Natural Ways to Stop Hair Fall and Regrow Hair Naturally

Dealing with hair fall problems can be very challenging. However, don’t let anything stop you from resolving your problem. These 13 natural ways to stop hair fall should help.

hair fall

1. Seek the diagnosis of an expert.

There are many possible causes of hair fall. So, to better know how to deal with it, you should get to the root of the problem.

The best way to do so is to seek the advice of an expert. Chances are, there could be an underlying problem that is causing hair fall.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb.

If you are experiencing hair loss, then you know that combing can be a nightmare. With every stroke, lots of hair literally falls.

To make combing easier, use a wide-tooth comb to smoothen your strands. After that, use your favorite brush. Doing so will help prevent breakage that is caused by excessive pulling.

Take note that you must avoid combing your hair when it is wet because it is very vulnerable at that time.

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3. Do not rub it.

Rubbing your hair with a dry towel seems like the easiest and fastest way to dry hair, but the truth is, it’s the worst thing you can do to it. By rubbing your hair, you are making your hair prone to tangles and breakage.

The proper way to dry hair is to simply squeeze out all the excess moisture with your dry towel. Dry it naturally.

4. Use the right products.

What shampoo are you using? Does it contain sulfate? Does it have paraben? If that is the case, you might as well want to make a switch. Avoid loading your hair and scalp with such harsh chemicals because they will only make your hair brittle.

One of the best hair care products brands to try is Osensia. They have a plethora of hair care products that are suited for your hair needs.

5. Avoid washing your hair regularly.

If possible, wash your hair once every three days using a gentle shampoo. That way, all dirt, bacteria build up, and accumulated dust are removed.

Do not wash your hair on a daily basis. Excessive washing can eliminate the natural oils in your hair, which are vital for healthy hair growth.

hair fall

6. Observe proper styling techniques.

Avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat and chemical treatments because they can cause hair loss. If you decide to color your tresses and you currently have hair loss problems, you might want to take a break first. The chemicals that will be used for coloring might be too much to handle for your hair.

If you wish to style your hair, avoid tight hairstyles like pigtails, braids, and ponytails. Also, do not use elastic bands because pulling them back can affect your hair.

7. Go natural.

Did you know that there are ingredients in your kitchen that can help combat hair loss? Coconut oil, ginger, onion, and egg whites are among the products you have in your kitchen that have amazing properties that promote proper hair growth.

8. Take care of your scalp.

Are you experiencing scalp problems like oily scalp or dandruff? It is probably a good idea to tackle these problems as soon as possible. Your scalp’s health is important to stop hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.

9. Exercise.

Believe it or not, exercise has an impact on your hair health. So, try to do everything to relieve stress. Exercising regularly can actually help reduce stress and curb hair fall.

10. Take natural hair care supplements.

Nowadays, there are lots of hair care supplements in the market that thicken hair and stop hair fall. Consult your doctor about these supplements. Be sure you opt for FDA-approved products to prevent complications.

11. Consider using homemade remedies.

It may sound contradicting to add oil to oily hair, but it can actually help in proper hair growth. By applying coconut oil or almond oil into your scalp and leaving it overnight, you are nourishing your scalp and helping it promote healthy hair growth.

hair fall

Now, if you are not in favor of the idea of leaving oil in your hair overnight, consider a DIY hot oil treatment. An hour before taking a bath, massage your preferred oil into your scalp. Warm oil is preferred because it can better penetrate deep down into the pores.

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12. Opt for a salon treatment.

If you think you can’t do it by yourself, you can visit the salon and opt for a salon treatment. Most salons offer a wide range of treatments that are formulated to condition, nourish, and strengthen hair.

13. Observe a healthy diet.

When it comes to your hair health, know that what you eat is equally important as what you apply on your hair. Hence, maintain a well-balanced diet that is rich in iron, vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as proteins and fatty acids.

You might also want to consider adding more carrots, whole grains, oats, green leafy veggies, lentils, oysters, nuts, and flax seeds to your diet.

Finally, make sure you drink lots of water the whole day to keep your body hydrated and to get rid of all harmful toxins in your body.


Hair fall is a common hair problem, but that does not mean we just let it ruin our lives. We can combat it in our own little ways. You may try any of the 13 natural methods above or use other methods you already know.


  1. Emma says:

    Great points all around. And I’ve started noticing some distinct improvements in my alopecia since a) switching to an autoimmune-focused diet, b) taking some supplements to heal my gut and c) avoiding using shampoos that contain sulfates. Now, I use all-natural products and rub some onion juice/aloe vera/ginger root on the patches too. Taking relaxation measures like daily meditation has really helped me, too! 🙂

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