10 Foods To Eat For Building Muscles After Workout

Just hit the gym and now thinking of rewarding your body by eating a yummy cheese burger? Well, don’t even think about it. After a high intensity workout in gym you should eat healthy food rich in protein and carbohydrates. Post workout meal is vital to build the energy that you had burned working out. Actually what happens is, our body stores

Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

energy in the form of protein and glycogen and when we workout body start the process of breaking this glycogen. So it is very important that you eat natural building muscles food within 45 minutes of working out because at that time our body is most responsive. I am not saying that you have to spend money on expensive and unnatural protein supplements. Just eat natural food that help in building muscles and keep you fit. Here is what you should eat post workout to build muscles:


Eggs are rich in protein and a single egg is made up of 6 to 8 grams of protein. They are also a rich source iron, vitamin and zinc and hence it is the best food for building muscles.

Greek Yogurt :

Why I am saying green yogurt instead of normal because green yogurt has more protein almost double compared to normal.You can eat the yogurt by mixing it with any fruit or cereal.

Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

Chicken :

Eating one 100 gram of chicken will give you 30 gm of protein. So you see how rich it is in protein. It is recommended to eat baked or roasted chicken for best results.

Water :

I know it is not a food but it is as important as the foods described above. To build muscles your body needs to be hydrated. Water also helps in building body strength and stamina.

Cereal :

There are endless choices when it comes to cereals, so many brands are calming to be best. Some cereals are high in sugar so it is just not healthy to eat them specially if you are trying to build muscles. Choose a good brand like kashi that  offers 13 gm of muscle building protein.To get full benefit, add some milk in cereals. There are other good cereals brands also but you have to make a wise choice.

Oats :

It keeps you full and have all the essential ingredients needed to build the muscles.

Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

Brown Rice :

Brown rice is also known as slow digesting food but it is also one of the best food to provide you energy all day long. It helps in boosting the GH levels in your body which are essential for building lean muscles and gaining strength.

Sweet Potato :

It is actually a powerhouse of nutrition.They are just perfect for losing weight and building muscles. Although sweet potato has lower carbohydrate than a normal one but it is a great source of vitamin, copper and folic acid.

Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

Banana :

If you have been working out in gym then your personal trainer must have told you to eat banana.The best part is that banana is fat free and rich in fiber, protein, and carbs. All these ingredients help in building muscles.

Almonds :

A rich source of protein and good saturated fat, almonds are must for building muscles. Almonds also helps in quick recovery after a tough workout.

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